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About Diabetes SoluT1ons

Diabetes SoluT1ons is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports programming for individuals impacted by Type 1 Diabetes.

Until there is a cure, we need to provide solutions that ease the burden and provide a support community for those impacted by diabetes.

Focused on supporting Camp MIDICHA Scholarships and providing additional year-round programs for adults and children impacted by Type 1 diabetes, our mission is to provide avenues for individuals affected by Type 1 diabetes to break down barriers and achieve normalcy, empowering them to gain greater freedom and better health, and to support education, access, and innovation by addressing unmet needs in the diabetes community.

Diabetes SoluT1ons started from a group of passionate individuals who all volunteered at Camp Midicha each summer.  We recognized that reaching kids with Type 1 diabetes for 2 weeks each year wasn’t enough … and why stop with kids?  Many adults are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and they didn’t get the benefit of attending “diabetes camp”.  It started out as raising scholarship money for kids to attend Camp Midicha … and has turned in to a whole lot more … benefitting all individuals with Type 1 diabetes.